Savings Challenge Kit 1-100

BRAND NEW Savings Challenge KIT!!

Start a new savings challenge with this inclusive kit!

Here's What you Get:

- 1 Savings Challenge Confetti Pouch (11x 7 inches) with EMBROIDERED Varsity Letters 'SAVE'
- 2 Savings Tracker Sheets with Pink Piggy Sticker guides that fit inside the Confetti Pouch.
- 5 sticker sheets that are numbered $1-$100

Make Saving fun with this cute pouch and sticker set! Pick a sticker at random or am amount that you know you want to save, and when you place the money inside the pouch, place the corresponding sticker onto the tracker sheet and save. When all of your stickers are gone and placed onto the tracker sheet, your challenge is complete!!

The confetti bag is EXCLUSIVELY Glamorosa, designed and personalized by me. You cannot fit this pouch anywhere else! It fits TONS of cash and makes for a cute way to store money!!

If you would just like to purchase the stickers, they are available to purchase separately in another listing. You can view the stickers along with other items by visiting my shop.