Custom Nylon Duffle Bag

SUPER CUTE new Nylon Duffle Bags!!! Available in 7 colors ( Blue, Pink, Purple, Mint, Black, Cream and Caramel)

This is a perfect mid size backpack for an Adult or a child, and its lightweight material makes it easy to carry around. The Duffle Bag includes one single zipper pouch that is about 8 inches wide. Great for keeping documents or boarding passes safe during travel on the inside of the bag!Also includes a removable shoulder strap with gold hardware that makes it easy to carry over the shoulder.


I will apply letters for you with a very durable glue. I would never sell a product that is defective or where the letters "fall off," so you can be assured that if you purchase a bag from me with letters, they will be stuck on that bag for life! :) This particular bag can fit a ton of letters, you can even do multiple rows if you are feeling ambitious! I also have some fun patches designs such as a smiley, heart, lightning bolt etc, and these can be applied as well... Don't hesitate to reach out to me regarding this!


18 inches inches wide
10 inches tall
8 inches deep


Select the bag color and the number of patches from the dropdown menu, and then specify the letters and colors of letters you would like in the personalization box. PLEASE don't forget to add the placement of the letters and please be specific! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!! :)

*My Personal Use Story*

I have used this bag on multiple occasions for a weekend bag!! It fits TONS of stuff, I would say just as much (if not more) than the child size suitcases. I feel like this is perfect for an adult or child! I had to stuff the bags pretty full to take the photos, and I was shocked at how much I had to put inside to get them filled up. I ended up putting 3 pairs of jeans, 4 sweaters, and finally had to stuff pillows off the couch to get them completely full!! This bag will not disappoint! :)