Custom Nylon Backpack


SUPER CUTE new Nylon backpacks!! Available in 7 colors ( Blue, Pink, Purple, Mint, Black, Cream and Caramel)

**NOTE REGARDING PROCESSING TIME: Sold out VERY FAST - Normal the turn around time is 3-5 business days but since Its impossible to keep inventory for the different colors/symbols and letters, I have a two week processing time, which allows me to order more and still be able to deliver within the two week timeline. Feel free to message me regarding your timeline :)

This is a perfect mid size backpack for an Adult or a child, and its lightweight material makes it easy to carry around. The backpack include one single zipper for the main large pouch, and another zipper for the pouch on the front. Theres also a very handy 3rd pocket inside the backpack that also has a zipper closure. Great for keeping documents or boarding passes safe during travel on the inside of the bag!

This bag is great for preschoolers, elementary school, middle school, high school, or even for an adult going on a trip! It can fit a full size notebook or iPad, it is not the mini size! :)


I will apply letters for you with a very durable glue. I would never sell a product that is defective or where the letters "fall off," so you can be assured that if you purchase a bag from me with letters, they will be stuck on that bag for life! :) This particular bag can fit a max of 6 letters. Depending on which letters you choose they might need to be slightly arched to be able to fit. If you check the bag with the name "GABBY" you can see how it is slightly arched. The name "PIPER" contains skinnier letters, so I was able to put the letters straight across the bag. I also have some fun patches coming in with designs such as a smiley, heart, lightning bolt etc, and these can be applied as well when they become available. Don't hesitate to reach out to me regarding this!


10.5 inches wide
14.5 inches tall
4.7 inches deep


Select the bag color and the number of patches from the dropdown menu, and then specify the letters and colors of letters you would like in the personalization box. PLEASE don't forget to add the placement of the letters and please be specific! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!! :)

*My Personal Use Story*

My 7 year old recently used this bag as an airplane carry on and it was the perfect size for her full size iPad, a couple coloring books, headphones, snacks and her water bottle! Its the perfect size to fit under the seat and it isnt so big that she was unable to carry it herself. She has already decided to make this her primary school backpack and she's really excited about it!