Cash Envelopes - Abstract Set


If you are using the cash envelope system then you need these envelopes!! They are great for holding larger amounts of cash and also conveniently close with the slit in the back. THESE ARE THICK CARDSTOCK envelopes, they are actually very heavy duty for a paper envelope, and can be easily holepunched and placed inside a binder or wallet. :)

This listing is for a set of envelopes with a minimum purchase of a set of 6. Select the number of envelopes you would like from the dropdown menu (ex. 6 envelopes, 12 envelopes)

The envelopes size is A6, and will fit inside any A6 Wallet or binder. You can hole punch them with a 6 ring hole punch, a disc bound hole punch, or leave them as is!

Please let me know your needs as far as cash envelopes and I can do my best to accommodate.

HELPFUL TIP FOR MEASURING: Have a binder already and not sure the envelopes will fit? Measure the space between the two SETS of rings, and it should be about 2 inches. If the space between the two rings or two SETS of holes measures 2 inches, A6 is the size you need (this listing)